So Many Options?

What on earth do you write about in the first post on your shiny new web­site? Nor­mal­ly, I have heaps to say — too much — but now I sit here in front of my tiny red lap­top, I am word­less. You can tell because I am waf­fling on say­ing noth­ing you’d be inter­est­ed in. It’s like revving the engine of a car before you take off from the dri­ve­way. Total­ly wast­ing fuel and annoy­ing the neigh­bours. I’m think­ing I should delete these words. They’re warm-up words. The few drib­bles of rain before a ter­rif­ic storm.

So, on to some­thing that mat­ters to me.

The Lit­tle Clock of Sor­row series. The first book — Bones of Sor­row — has been a long time in the mak­ing. This is the sec­ond ver­sion of the nov­el, the first being total­ly rewrit­ten as I decid­ed to change my main char­ac­ter (Minaya) to a char­ac­ter whom I killed in the first chap­ter. It’s like ‘Sor­ry Lead Actress, I know you’ve fin­ished film­ing all those won­der­ful scenes, but you’re no longer need­ed. You, bit-girl who died in the first scene, you’re now my lead­ing lady.’ Poor Minaya, eh! I feel rot­ten, but the sto­ry is so much bet­ter now. Much more pow­er­ful and rich. So, say hel­lo to Cini­bar. She’s twist­ed, deter­mined and bent on her mis­sion. To do that she must bind with Malakai, the most hunt­ed man on the plan­et.

One moth­er. An impos­si­ble choice. Either way, Cini­bar los­es a child.

Short­ly, I will be upload­ing an excerpt from Bones of Sor­row. If you like, you’re most wel­come to drop over here to have a read.

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