Rough Cuts

Straight From the Author’s Mind

This Could Be Dan­ger­ous

Writing a novel isn’t as easy as you would think.

The first words that spill onto the page are often crap. It’s as though you’re dig­ging through a gar­den of weeds look­ing for the flow­ers. So, I decid­ed it would be great to show the process as it hap­pens. Prob­a­bly not the best idea I ever had, but I think it will be help­ful to all the oth­er writ­ers out there who are rid­dled with self-doubt and fear. By the way, I am the Queen of self-doubt.

 I have a crown and every­thing!

Sor­row Wakes      Sor­row Watch­es

Bones of Sor­row

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