Just a Little About Me

Because Frankly, I’m not that interesting

I’m an intro­vert. There, I said it!

I’d much rather be holed up in my cosy office than out gal­li­vant­i­ng around liv­ing it up. I’m quite con­tent to hide in my office and write down imag­i­nary friends’ sto­ries whilst drink­ing cof­fee and eat­ing choco­late. Or cake! Love cake. And if I’m not writ­ing, I’m out in my gar­den. Love my plants.

I’m not one of those authors who has always writ­ten because they can’t help them­selves. I’m an up and down writer. Main­ly due to lazi­ness, fear, and self-doubt. Stu­pid, because I’ve always want­ed to be a writer. I had colos­sal gaps where I didn’t write at all. In fact, more often than not I had a hard time even turn­ing on my com­put­er. Self-doubt. Fear. Lack of con­fi­dence. They plagued me. But, do you know what? I final­ly decid­ed they were nev­er going to go away. I was wast­ing my life wor­ry­ing, fret­ting and beat­ing myself up for noth­ing. Up until my Lit­tle Clock of Sor­row series I nev­er sat my bum in the chair to write every day. And I am so hap­py I did!

A Random Splash of Life

What Do You Say in the First Post?

So Many Options? What on earth do you write about in the first post on your shiny new web­site? Nor­mal­ly, I have heaps to say — too much — but now I sit here in front of my tiny red lap­top, I am word­less. You can tell because I am waf­fling on say­ing noth­ing you’d be…
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